The Young Riders – Various On-Set Pics – Set 3

  • ty-set-62
  • brett2
    Brett Cullen with a fan at Mescal
  • Josh drinking coffee by the fire
    Josh drinking coffee by the fire
  • mescal-snowball fight
    Snowball fight at Mescal location
  • Travis at Old Tucson
    Travis with fans at Old Tucson Studios
  • ty-travis2
    Screwing around in the makeup trailer
  • ty-set-92
    Adjusting my noose
  • camels-ty
    With the camels at Mescal
  • various-pics3

Josh by the fire during a long night shoot

Adjusting my noose

Adjusting my noose

With the camels at Mescal

With the camels at Mescal

Screwing around in the makeup trailer

Screwing around in the makeup trailer

Travis with fans at Old Tucson Studios

Travis with fans at Old Tucson Studios

Josh drinking coffee by the fire

Josh drinking coffee by the fire

Brett Cullen with a fan at Mescal

Brett Cullen with a fan at Mescal

Snowball fight at Mescal location

Snowball fight at Mescal location

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32 Responses

  1. Wendy Mills says:

    Thanks so much for sharing more pics of your days on The Young Riders with us. We fans so appreciate it.

  2. Mavi Bausa says:

    “Screwing around in the makeup trailer” is priceless… 😛

  3. greg b says:

    Wish the Young Riders show would return, was my grandmothers and mine fav show.

  4. Ellen says:

    Came across young riders by accident been watching it ever since love it.

  5. Colleen Irvine says:

    The Young Riders was my favourite show as a teen. Still have every episode on VHS in storage. Can you believe it was the 155th anniversary of the Pony Express last week? Thanks for bringing so much life into a show with such a lovable character.

    • Ty says:

      Thanks, Colleen…very nice to hear! Hope all is well.

      • Anonymous says:

        Everything is great thanks Ty. I am about to introduce my teenage daughter to The Young Riders. I really hope she loves it as much as I still do. Hoping you’re going well too.

  6. melissa frenchie says:

    I watched Young Riders at the TV when I was 15, I have all reviewed on youtube once again : nostalgy !! those were the good old days ! Ty, you were my Favorite character !

  7. Phil says:

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your big show from way back Young Rider’s, you and the rest of the crew look like you could be an actually family. You all seem to get along great on set which you have to but I think you all probably get along great off set as well, do you keep in touch with any of the cast from back then or just whenever you happen to run into anyone I’m just curious after working with them all so closely for so long? Hope to see you hit the screen again soon maybe Vikings you have the perfect look for it atm, you’d make a great viking on the show regardless hope you find something you really enjoy! Sincerely a new fan Phil. 🙂

  8. ken williams says:

    great show. I am riveted to each episode now showing on the western

  9. Renee says:

    Just have to say when I was 13 or 14 had such a huge crush on you. I loved the Young Riders. You and Yvonne had such great on screen chemistry. Was so happy that your characters got married at the end and sad when the show ended. Who knows maybe The Young Riders might be back for a revival like some others did 🙂 lol wishful thinking I know 🙂 Have a great day/night

  10. Sandra Arms says:

    Just finished watching all three seasons. There were many episodes I missed when the show originally aired so it was great to watch every episode. I have to say I enjoyed each character and every script; no shows currently on do such a great job at developing characters, addressing issues and carrying a solid storyline. WELL DONE.

  11. Calvin says:

    Loved this series, watching it again now on “Starz/Encore”……still can’t believe in real life you and Yvonne didn’t get married….you two convinced me it would happen!

    • Ty says:

      Thanks, Calvin. All credit goes to Yvonne. She is an incredibly selfless actress…very easy to fall under her spell!

      • Calvin says:

        Mr. Miller, you probably have been told this 1,649 times, but on YouTube, there are at least 45 compilations of scenes of you and Yvonne, set to various “soft” or “romantic” genre songs. All of them are wonderful…..too bad today’s internet was not around in 1991, or the number of on-line Young Rider fan clubs would be well into the thousands….

  12. Julie says:

    I was unaware of the Young Riders until about 6 months ago. I can’t believe I didn’t ever see it before. I love it! It was a well written show and love all the characters. Someone did a good job picking the perfect cast. You were so cute and did a great job playing the part of the Kid! I do wish there would be a revival show. I have now watched this show two times and I’m ready to watch it again. Great stories and great acting. I loved the horse you rode too. Thanks for giving us some great acting and incredible entertainment.

  13. Calvin says:

    Mr. Miller, I have spent hours thinking about this series, the cast, etc……and IF the producers/writers had to do it again, I CANNOT THINK of ANY changes to the original cast members. The core cast of 10-12 players could not have been done any better…..they got it right the first time…..This series should be labeled as “significant” by The Library of Congress..

  14. Gail says:

    Rewatching the series again..
    So glad to find it; I had forgotten how good it really was!
    The connection between you and Lou was the highlight for me
    Thank you for an incredible performance Ty:)

  15. Mary Smith says:

    I just spent my weekend binge watching TYR. I’m halfway through season 2 now. My family says that if I don’t come up for air soon they’re going to stage an intervention. But I had forgotten how much I love the show. The Kid and Lou story line was (and still is) my favorite. But the entire show was superb. It’s sad that they don’t make shows like that anymore. Anyway, I’ll resume season 2 when I get home from work tonight. Hope all is well with you and keep us posted on your future roles.

  16. Sabine Jooken says:

    dear Ty,i’m so glad that i finelly found the Young Riders Dvd here in Belgium. You all stole my heart back in time…and still do. I watch almost everyday an episode and i love it! Thanks for sharing it all with us.

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